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Choosing An Ultrasound Imaging Center That Is Right For You

It is an exciting time to find out you are pregnant! Once you see that positive pregnancy test, you start to feel all the emotions! Being able to see the baby on an ultrasound is one of the most memorable experiences during pregnancy. You can see the baby’s heartbeat, find out the gender if you desire, watch them wiggle, yawn, smile, and even see what they are going to look like. Being able to bond with your baby, and share that with your family is something you will look back on and cherish forever. How do you choose an Ultrasound Imaging Center that will best fit your needs?

Here are a few things to consider

At Fetal Fotos we place the highest priority on you and your family during this special time in your lives.  Fetal Fotos is Utah’s Original Prenatal Imaging Center and has been serving our community since 1994. We are known for early gender determinations ultrasounds, starting at 14 weeks gestation, and have a long standing history and reputation with the community for our thorough gender checks. If we aren’t 100% certain of the gender of the baby, we will have you come back for another ultrasound free of charge on a different day. We provide a comfortable, fun environment for your family to come and see your growing baby. Our clients frequently comment on how comfortable our ultrasound bed is, and how our technicians take their time to look at the baby in a relaxed environment. It is important to remember that coming to Fetal Fotos is never an alternative to your routine prenatal care, and we do not provide any diagnostic information during your appointment. Fetal Fotos will always be committed to providing women and their families with increased awareness and a meaningful bonding experience with your baby as an addition to your prenatal care.

You may wonder if doing a blood test earlier in the pregnancy is an accurate way to determine the gender. While we don’t discourage using blood tests, we ask that you keep an open mind when you do an at home test. It is not uncommon for us to correct them when you come in for your ultrasound appointment. So while it is a super fun way to try to determine the gender earlier in the pregnancy, it is not always a sure thing until we see the gender on an ultrasound.

In the 26 years Fetal Fotos has been in business, we have helped many women and families bond with their baby and prepare for their future. Our 3D/4D HD ultrasounds are state of the art and the newest technology ultrasound has to offer.  We do everything we can to get the best pictures of your sweet baby. Similar to the recheck on the gender scan, if you come in for a 4D/HD session and your baby is being shy we let you come back again and try for better pictures on a different day. Some things are out of our control but we always take our time to get the best images possible.

As women, and the owners of Fetal Fotos in American Fork we aim to provide you with a memorable experience and a connection to a community you can be a part of even beyond your pregnancy. We believe in the power of self care and the difference that strong confident women can make on our community. In addition to our prenatal ultrasounds we also offer prenatal, postpartum, and couples massages. It takes a toll on the body and mind to carry a baby and we want you to have time to take care of yourself and feel relief from the aches and pain of pregnancy, and the stresses of life.

We are also excited to now offer Newborn Photography Sessions as part of our services. Once your baby is born, schedule a photography session with one of our amazing newborn photographers. Our in-house studio is a safe, relaxed, customizable experience that allows you to remember the early newborn stage forever.

Our boutique is stocked with gender reveal items, like cannons and balloons, and curated with all mamas in mind to include the best newborn products for your baby.

When you choose Fetal Fotos, we are confident that you will leave your experience feeling taken care of and know you have a community of women cheering you on throughout your pregnancy. We are genuinely excited for you and your family and hope to see you again and again.


Chelsea & Kira