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How to Prepare for your Newborn Photography Session

Newborn sessions are so special and capturing the first few weeks of life will be a memory you will look  back on and cherish forever. When working with our tiny photography clients, we want to keep them as  happy and comfortable as we can, so we can get the best possible pictures. Here are a few tips to help  your session go smoothly.  

Bathe baby before your session

Giving baby a bath before their session will usually wear them out and make them sleepier for their session. Avoid using oils or lotions after the bath and dress them in  something easy to change in and out of for an easier transition once you arrive at the studio. 

Feed Baby right before the session

We want baby to be fed and happy before we start the session. You  are more than welcome to come to the studio a little bit early if you want to feed them once you arrive.  If you are breastfeeding, avoid spicy foods and dairy the day before your session.  

Keep baby awake for a little while before you come in

Bath time and feeding are great ways to do this!  Keeping baby awake will tire them out and give us the best chance for a sleeping baby during pictures.  

Bring a binky or bottle

Even if your baby has not quite figured out how to keep a binky in their mouth,  having it makes a huge difference during the session. If they start to get fussy, we can use the binky for a  few minutes to help calm them down and get them back to sleep.  

Communicate with your photographer

If you have specific colors, or props that you know you want  used during your session, send us an email by the day before your session. That way, your photographer  can get everything pulled out and prepped before your session begins.  

Following these tips will help your session run as smoothly as possible. Your photographer will send you  a gallery with all your pictures, and let you choose which ones you want edited. The number of pictures  is based on the session you book, but you will have the option to add more if you would like to. She will then do the final edits and send them to you when they are complete. Typically, this process is around 2- 3 weeks depending on her current workload.  

Seeing your little babies in the studio is one of our favorite things we do! We are thrilled to have it  added to our available services. Our photographers are incredible, and your baby will do great. We hope  you have the best experience in our studio and can’t wait to see your pictures!